The champagne glasses are handmade in Sweden and have
10-21 diamonds Top Wesselton (G) / vvs, in total 0.15-0.32 Ct.

The champagne glasses are generously rounded and are meant to manifest a feeling of abundance, a cornucopia where the champagne never ends. The position/pattern of diamonds placed on the glass represents the journey of the champagne bubbles to the surface.

Inlaying the diamonds is a complicated and demanding handcraft. The champagne glasses are handmade by the Skruf Bergdala glasswork, official supplier of glass to the Royal Family.

The glass collections have received a great deal of attention from jewellery stores, fashion press and design houses and are represented at Harrods in London (from Oct 05), Gearys in Beverly Hills (Jun 05), Nordic Crystal and NK in Stockholm (May 05) and in Tokyo (2 stores, from Nov 05).


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